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Foxy Black Ops

Imagine creeping round the fields with Paul looking for the mysterious and predatory Mr Fox.. … it was a beautiful starry night .. quite cold but the lambs are all snuggly shut in the barn… expectant ewes out in the paddock looking positively chipper no sign of lambing tonight (again) … its all very Andy McNab with Paul and his gun! I think I am on stag (is that what you call it ? )really I’m just terrified of being shot myself ! we are being eerily lit by the light of a crescent moon , rabbits frisk about the garden as bold as ninepence , positive acrobats over the rabbit fencing designed to keep them out .I don’t know if those crack SAS types ever have this happen to them (I bet they do) but my socks have slipped off my foot in my boots and it’s really annoying . Plus trousers trailing in dew all soggy .War is now having to be waged on the rabbits  I am afraid, as they enjoy the salad delights of our newly sprung plants with relish and uninhibited vegetarian zeal.It’s a frenzy at the veritable salad cart every night and enough is enough. Even I would smear myself in boot polish I think (a dramatic look for spring ) and would tussle with them bare handed if I catch them at the echinaceas again. Meant to be one of our signature plants and it has  sustained severe collateral damage ! There is no buffer zone any more! But if you would like to make yourself a bunny rabbit for Easter here is a handy pattern from The Girl’s World Book of 1960

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