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buff orpington innocent or guilty ?

the chickens got out yesterday while I was blissfully unaware ,and have wreaked havoc in the house garden. They are not cuddly feathery country icons ,they are evil pranksters and psychopaths. I haven’t told Paul yet what has happened to the newly planted dwarf day lilies, but lets say it is not pretty.Their vicious claws and asbo mentality is really quite at odds with our bucolic heaven here. In fact I was in two minds last night whether I should shut them in last night ,and just leave them to the machinations of our resident fox, except the fox would probably come off worse if it even dared to mess with those gangsters. So what do we have here .. ok beautiful tasty eggs every day , grudgingly given after stuffing themselves with their organic food and anything else they can scavenge from our garden. But there is no affection is there? Its all take take take !

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