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Once upon a time  in Febuary, I bought two strange folding story boxes from the toy making capitalof the world Bassi in Rajasthan. We are not talking high tech carpentery conglomerate here. More like one man and his adze. The cricket bat washing things (you know the ones they pound the washing to bits with on the ghats. Intensive cycle) were very much in evidence and obviously a big seller but these storybook boxes were also there and Lottie and I succumbed and I bought two. One a School box alphabet and another a rather more antique (I use the word antique advisedly because I am sure if  I was lucky it had been made a week ago at best) looking one telling the story of the folkloric Ramayana.

Back at home now they sit proudly on the bedroom windowsill with its fellows (dont ask , especially not Paul, I do have others bought on a previous foray into india). Yesterday though I note that a small and strange pile of dust has been excavated  by some  creature obviously living in the box and boring its way purposefully through the core of the wood. Worrying. Hope it doesn’t move on to our roof timbers !

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