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butter wouldnt melt in their mouths

well they were for at least three times today and then they were in the garden.. illegally.

Four Gloucester old spot crossed with Tamworth (therein is the problem possibly) piglets arrived today. Were ensconsed safely in their woodland pen and then voila we saw them casually meandering through the cutting garden bold as brass. Returned them to their pen with bucket of food. Peace. Later ,sudden movement caught our eye and they were back in the garden again having escaped from the wood again . Ambling casually past the polytunnel .They had escaped again. Twice more as dusk fell they managed to escape by sheer wriggling athleticism we found that they were not digging under the fence or vaulting over , but simply just squeezing through the stock fencing  like buttered houdinis. For what reason ? it is utterly mysterious and quite unknown what drives them to be so bloody minded. Needless to say we have become so paranoid at their escapeful antics by this time (ok Chris , stop saying I told you so !!) that it was time for true incarceration. Manhandling their piggy porkishness in our arms with their fifty million decibel squeeling ringing in our ears we stumbled through the gloaming and they are now shut in a fort knox (famous last words) chicken house with perimeter fencing. Tomorrow brings a new day of machinations and plottings.. Paul leaves for Scotland and the pigs have won round one…the question is ,will sucking pig be on the menu on his return ?

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