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Do you know there is a world of gardens out there who welcome  dogs ! YES ! woof woof !

And Sussex Prairies is definitely one of them ! Dogs of all shapes ,sizes, and character are welcome with their  well behaved owners ! Do please keep your dogs  on a short lead when you are in the garden and especially in the borders themselves.


We have installed some special dog bag dispensers at the entrance to the garden and around the garden with dog waste dustbins with them, so all we ask is that you use them .!. or do ask for a dog waste bag at the teashop and we shall be happy to oblige !

IMG_8273look out for the special carved dopy poo bag dispenser boxes and the bins clearly marked for dog waste

IMG_8275not too much to ask we think to clear up after your dog so everyone can enjoy the garden !


The NGS also have a list of gardens in each county who are happy to welcome  dogs and here is the one for West Sussex !  why should your best friend stay at home when you are having fun visiting gardens !



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There is only beauty behind me ,only beauty is before me ! Cree song


This weekend we welcome back Spirit of the West to camp in the garden bringing with them their tipis, tomahawks, beadwork and buffalo skins .Fitting perfectly in our prairie garden the camp provides you with the perfect opportunity to come and learn more about the native American way of life .


Spirit of the West can be seen in the garden Saturday 14th September and Sunday 15th September from 1pm until 5pm.

spiritofthewestimage2 (2)

and if you want to go wild with Paul and Pauline why not join us for our garden perambulations – or rather our Walk on the Wildside  at 10am on Sunday 15th September ! Bear all and be brave !


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