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We only serve Union coffee in our tea shop !

Exquisite coffee : Fairly Traded : Artisan Roasted

I feel like I am already in esteemed company as Michael Winner (the very same )deemed such coffee to be historic in his Sunday Times Column this week. We serve a wonderful blend called Revelation which is a Union of coffees from Central America, East Africa and Indonesia. I could talk about deep aromas , caramel notes and hints of wild fruits.. a symphony of flavours soaring through the taste buds but I wont ! at the risk of sounding just the tiniest bit pretentious….

Enjoy a generous mug full of rich roasted coffee expertly brewed by the fair hand of my mum Pat or the unfair hand of Pauline and Paul and you could be in heaven . Coupled with the stonking big garden and a delicious wedge  of homemade cake who could ask for more !! Fresh herbal teas are also on the menu if coffee is not your bag ! or the scrumptuous Rowdy and Fancy’s artisan hot chocolate melts .

Silly summers at our Tea and coffee-house start right here, right now  !

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