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Call me Ingmar , or Pauline even, but now I feel I can Look through a glass.. but not at all Darkly … as Louise Durham’s driftwood sculptures beset with jewelled glass are anything but dark.

Louise returns to our garden with her beautiful driftwood and stained glass sculptures and my life falls into the realm of Alice in Wonderland again. Catching the sunlight through their portals of red,yellow , blues and greens I fell like a rainbow has fallen to earth and been cunningly wrought into her work.There are true colours of Venice captured in a  moment !


About Louise :

In her own words ” I am never happier than when I am tucked away in my workshop playing with shiny glass.”


Her stained glass sculptures are made from recycled groyne wood, each piece unique in its shape and form. Each piece is made with love, bringing together the character of the wood and the colours of the glass.  Like stained glass windows in churches, these sculptures have a spiritual presence, transforming any outdoor space.  The true magic happens when the light hits them and they come alive, with the colours radiating onto the wood and into the garden.


Read all about Louise , contact her and see more examples of Louise’s work  on her website www.louisevdurham.com

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