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Ali Rabjohns has brought an amazing piece of felt to the garden. It can be seen as you enter the garden on the edge of the woodland. Tantalising seedpods hang from the tree as you approach the main work which is positioned next to a wonderful gnarled old oak tree.

It will be very interesting to see how the piece of felt is incorporated into the natural garden and landscape over time and how it weathers down through all the weather the British summer can throw at it.

To me , with apologies to TS Elliot , it really feels like I am “entering the whirlpool” between sky and sea. Tentacles of sea like anemones reach blindly for you as you spiral down into the depths of the vasty deeps. This is a totally tactile piece and you want to touch and explore the nodules and craters with your fingers and even rub your face against the woolly hide.

Why not come and explore it for yourself ? you can even meet some of our Shetland  sheep who contributed the wool which went into making the piece.

You can find out more about the artist at :

Ali Rabjohns,

Website : http://www.feltgoodfeltfine.com/indexhibit/index.php?/gallery/3d-work/

Email : i@feltgoodfeltfine.com Mob : 07528614747

Blog :http://feltgoodfeltfine.com/wordpress/

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it is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in possession of a cashmere cardigan (ruined by fire 2011 ) must be in want of a new gorgeous cardigan as a new year treat. (sorry Jane !) so reader I bought one (for myself).

more wild,firey  dawn awakenings outside. The colours these days are just Jackson Pollock on a  good day .Being a little tardy this morning , thought I would nip out to feed my sheep in cashmere cardie . Silly and foolhardy mistake as they have such a careless disregard for ones attire as they barrel at a rate of knots through the quagmire and splash mud like demented rally drivers. Blinded by mud and filth, they easily wrestle their nuts from my grasp and feast like maniacs ripping said knitwear on fence .Retire back to house besplattered and in need of dry cleaners. Get changed .

At the risk of sounding like an horrendous cashmere bore I can truthfully say that cashmere is the only thing to wear in the garden. Deliciously warm it really does the  job in insulation and warmth and looks vaguely glamourous as I cultivate my “interesting gardener” look as opposed to living scarecrow.Talking of scarecrows , the Galloping Gardener has recently written a wonderful blog about National Trust scarecrows !

Sparks though are the enemy of  woollen wear of any description. And now burning season is upon us one has to be vigilent of flyaway sparks and cinders which render ones garment a ghoulishly lacy web.Sadly, burning now halted due to driech weather.

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escaped again

Escaped again !

wake up to glorious morning of sunshine , standing at the window looking out on to the newly planted and growing perennial meadow, and the sheep calmly grazing on it and wandering across the drive … WHAT ? what are those sheep doing there ? it is the boys of course ..(Curly, Curly’s Brother, Wills ,Satan and Zebra) (bizarrely Magnus the ram is too much of a wimp and is back in the paddock bellowing his head off in frustration) (another dent to his manhood the big old pussycat)  and they have escaped again… and wrecking our new border… howls of rage ensue from Paul who threatens fire and brimstone on their heads and rushes out in his pants to get them off the new plants(munched stumps by now).. hope b and b guests still safely tucked up in bed rather than be party to this spectacle ! probably not as Paul bellows like a madman with a colourful scottish lexography to match ! imagine guests at the window thinking why are we staying in this place with these two mad people !! and how soon can we escape !thankfully manage to usher them all (the sheep rather than the guests !)back to the paddock with huge bucket of food and not too much pantomime. This was after showdown in the woods (Miss Pig and Mr Zebra I presume )en route with the pigs ,where Zebra and the pigs take an immediate and mutual dislike of each other and I fear for a dramatic pig breakout to further complicate the situation. Throw bucket of carrots to the pigs as early breakfast  and we can stand down to defcon 2 situation. Living on a knife edge with animals seems to be par for the course . Remind myself ,as limp back from wood/bramble/mud/pig wrestling that I am living the dream !

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there can be only one medal awarded this weekend and it will be a Gold medal to my wonderful uncle, Keith, who virtually single handedly sheared our whole flock of Shetland Sheep himself (sorry Jack , I  know you did Jean Brown !) on Saturday. Looking today at the bag full of glorious soft fleeces in all those stunning natural hues I can really appreciate all his hard work and sheer dogged determination to achiveve super hero status in the annals of Sussex prairie history ! Thankyou too to Linda his wife who worked so tirelessly with the other heroine, Pat my mum, in the tea shop !!

Magnus, photo by Charlotte Raven

Here is a brilliant photo of Magnus the ram , (taken by our wonderful friend Lottie) (still with his fleece on !)who succumbs to shearing with ill grace and a lot of under the breath swearing. His macho pysche is always sorely tried and we are treated to his unalloyed disdain and contempt for the whole business! when his fleece is off though he just looks pathetically small and his little sticklike legs are so gangly ! The shearing of the ewes provoked much more hysteria when the lambs couldnt recognise their shorn mums and spent hours trailing about like miserable snivelling orphans !

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