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we love'em

we love 'em

let us get the important stuff over first of all, because I have discovered a wonderful new brand of crisps that must be talked about : Salty Dog. cheeky crisp full of flavour , and delightful nutritional titbits.The slightly barmy looking pooch on the front of the bag has a slightly off beat lunatic quality which endears me to the packaging and even more so the contents! I recommend salt and vinegar.

And talking of sea salt and vinegar , today was a day of (almost seafaring days splicing the mainbrace etc)days tent wise as the unexpectedly robust sussex prairies tent from the plant fair weekend took it into its head to go walkabout , only in this case flyabout .. right on top of the metal people sculptures… luckily none of these pierced the said structure but it was touch and go if  Ian and Paco could hold it and involved much frantic rooting up of sculpture in a frenzy of fumbling ( rather than an ecstasy of !). Meanwhile picture the scene : hurricane force winds ,horizontal rain and wet plastic slapping your face . Living the dream again ! soon all tamed and thrown into barn to dry out.And another phenomenon to contend with post Fair , a delicious excess of milk .. methinks I shall draw me a bathful of asses (cows) milk and act all cleopatra-like..have to research how to heat the whole lot up though.. did she bath in it cold ? in Egypt I suppose it was refreshing to be cool, but in windy damp old sussex this is not an option.


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Front page

Hold the Front page


Need I say more ?  the dream ticket !

and the back

and the back

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