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bn5frontcover 1A garden wardrobe revealed here on the front cover of our local BN5 magazine, Paul , Pauline and our WRAGS student Denise.

I have just read a wonderful piece about gardeners workwear in the Telegraph… and it is extraordinary the lengths some people seem to be going to create that perfect tousled, seemingly unkempt  gardeners look. Not the fancy  Australian workbooks for us , not the fanciful dubarry boots or wild west chaps and stetsons. No catwalk fantasy , fancy pants or Ferragamo frills on the prairies . We are wearing real stuff, :clothes from the ghetto of the second hand shops, the reject buckets, the down and out rails of the high street. Clothes in which  you can wrestle with sheep , clothes that pigs can ravage, clothes that brambles tear and terrify. Clothes that can be discarded and left for days out in all weathers and can then be put back on again. Clothes that have no name , no home and no family.. wilderness wear !

so let’s see what the best prairie gardeners are wearing today….

Today Pauline is modelling the layered look… a vibrant green ralph lauren cashmere jumper (Ralph Lauren factory shop reject .. no one wanted that virulent green at any price) layered masterfully with another red cashmere cardigan M & S .. riven with moth/fire /puppy claw holes and missing odd buttons.. splattered in mud.. topped off by truly authentic romanian shepherds jerkin… (sporting stains- various) …trousers , Levis ,are courtesy of Paco , a crazy, lovely and eccentric spanish student … hems tattered  and free form, tears in knees and elsewhere ,undeliberate and adding character and ventilation…. and red wellingtons ….

Paul prefers that  farmer preppy combo of cord trousers (sporting another Ralph Lauren classic pointer dog motif if you look closely ) and barbour jacket , deputy dawg ear flap hat and fluffy fur lined wellies….a winner in every way !

Wild West it isn’t ,although we now have some gorgeous secateur holsters courtesy of some mystery gift giver… try us on the quick draw at your peril !



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Boys are Back in Town

Snug as bugs ! photo by Pako

the newest cutest little pigs arrived last week and were installed in their woodland dell . Berkshire breed again but very friendly already and the cheekiest little things. It is their turned up noses that adds to the air of mischief. Pako came with us to collect them .. but wasnt expecting quite so much involvement in the adventure as he had to heft the weighty charges in to the horsebox.. I dont think his special mexican tshirt and white trousers will ever be quite the same again.Surprisingly the pigs underwent the inelegant man handling with a stoicism quite unheard of and were unusually quiet and docile. Now of course they can enjoy the wonderful plethora of autumn and abundance of real foraging for acorns and a perrys worth of pears and apples to get through !

one pig,two pig, three pig ? photo by Pakoyum ! photo by Pako

out on their first excursion ! now where are all the fences and how soon can we break out ?

thats more like it ! photo by Pako

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