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Add- er row at a time !

Join  us for the great big adder knit in our teashop when the garden opens again ! Come and join us for teas,coffees and cakes and enjoy a natter with a bit of knitting thrown in for good pleasure. As part of our theme for this year – Giving Nature a Prairie Home- when we shall be joining with Anne Kelly and the RSPB to promote homes for wildlife- we shall be knitting the biggest adders in the world. Come and pick up some knitting needles and knit a row or two to make the biggest bunch of knitted adders in West Sussex !

Adder – Boy and Girl !



Pat, my mum, will be there to offer knitting advice and pick up any dropped stiches ! and she can show you a knit and a purl as soon as the adders come out of the basket ! All wool , knitting needles and knitting know how will be waiting for you and the snake charmers !

Fact of the day : the collective noun for a group of adders : A sum of Adders .  You do the math !


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felt teapot

felt teapot

a tiny little bit about sewing in the garden… not the traditional sowing .. but sewing with needle and (as Paul calls it) fuzzy felts …

in the potager garden

in the potager garden

 I make my own cards when not running a global empire, and the peaceful spot of the ticket office over the weekend seemed the perfect spot to be creative… only with a howling gale blowing, felt, pins and needles to the four corners of the echinaceas I was one stitch short of a tapestry… but as an homage to the Flying saucers now flying with reckless abandon through the grasses brought by Ammonite man , Robin Johnson (of Driftwood fame)… I have designed some mad hatters tea party cards.. an exquisite collection of nonsense and wonder ! it is all very Alice in Wonderland! be ready and be a tiny bit afraid !

tea cup with star

star tea cup

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