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img_1367The aim :

to make the longest strip of denim in the world , or certainly in Sussex to support the Jeans for Genes Charity – Genetic Disorders UK. the charity that aims to transform the lives of children with genetic disorders.We shall create denim covered collecting boxes along the trail around the garden !


How will it work :

Running as a trail from our entrance right through the garden , sinuously weaving through the borders. Stitched into the piece will be tabs dispensing information and facts about the process of making denim (the good , the bad and the ugly facts ) facts about indigo seeds and the dyeing process , and the story of the wearing of denim work pants by north american pioneers etc… zips, button flies , tags and pockets will create the joints along the way and will add to the fabric wonder.Have calculated the trail will be at least 1km long.Yikes !


The First Rules I have set myself

  • only to use orange cotton to stitch it all together (Levis used orange stitching which was originally designed to match the copper rivets first used in jeans by Nevada tailor Jacob Davis).
  • the strip will be kept at 7″ wide
  • vow to go and see the  Ian Berry exhibition Gallery Different at Catto Gallery- Ian is famous for making photo-realistic pictures in denim

img_1378Day 1 – Friday 18th November 2016

I make a start with three of our lovely volunteers starting to cut up the first swathe of jeans and a big learning curve begins !

  • The difficulty of cutting up a really tough fabric – you can see why it was the workwear fabric of choice (first casualty -brand new pair of Japanese scissors !)
  • The realisation that I won’t be able to actually use the zips for linking the strips !
  • The discovery that the button waistband fasteners will have to do the job
  • The obvious discovery that bog standard machine needles are not up to the job (second casualty – 2 broken machine needles)(note to self – order denim grade needles for machine )

to be continued……….

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459Never let it be said that I am not prepared to get it on a with a jigsaw should the situation demand it.

460I very rashly promised Anne Kelly (our delightful artist in residence for 2014) that of course I would run up some hard board templates for her ready for the large wall display :Giving Nature a Prairie Home . But jigsaws, I have discovered, have a nature that is contrary,mercurial and cantankerous and do not want to be tamed. A jigsaw is not a silky smooth operator ,it is a hairy ,leery ,lout of a thing. The sort of machine that swears, wears a singlet, oily jeans and a permanent sneer.It is like grappling with a noisome steer and there is a true rodeo going on to steer its nasty little teeth along the dotted line .. or along any line ..it rather prefers to veer off with a snarl and a loathsome insouciance into uncharted territories…places where we don’t want to go , places we never wanted to go, a DIY Neverland. And of course there is the ever-present cable daring you to cut its spiralling whorls and the strangely capricious way it catches in your buttons threatening to drag you into its menacing maw…. a devils tool….verily I say.

(the wonderful images in the piece have no relevance  nor bear any resemblance to any shocking handiwork created by myself during the making of the first six templates made to date ! sorry Anne , they will not be the work of an artisan !)

below a blessed state of serenity knowing I will not have to work with the jigsaw again until tomorrow…….


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