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This is the time for  Big Love in a small garden

If you are hunting for mini prairie inspiration then this is surely it . Our bijou jewel box of a garden is hidden just around the corner from our pay in bothy at the garden entrance. Not many people discover its treasures so I feel that I should point it out for  a special mention. While the big prairie landscape is all about brash and bragging on size , Charlottes garden is petite and shy and unassuming.Hidden behind a hornbeam hedge it is a little tricky to find and sits to the north of the main house.

DSC05067We designed and planted this garden with a lovely french  student called Charlotte  who came to do a placement with us  a few years ago. hence the name of the garden.Plants include Astrantia major Rosea,Allium Summer Beauty, Deschampsia cespitosa Goldtau, Pulmonaria ( a lovely pink one under the apple tree mixed with hellebores ), Phlomis russelliana, Persicaria Firedance  among others! Prairie mix in miniature .

DSC05065Here it is , shaded by its apple tree guardians and goose shed companion. In this garden we have tried to show how prairie planting can still work successfully but on a smaller scale to elsewhere in the garden. Groups are still generous but again it is important to use texture and structure of leaf and stem to bring about the unity and difference.There are no hard surfaces as all the pathways through the garden are made of wood chip.

DSC05064And in the lee of the house the hostas grow enormous !

DSC05063A sweet little place for secret assignations , intrigue and dalliance . make sure you don’t miss it !  It can be seen at Sussex Prairies every day except Tuesdays , 1pm until 5pm  until 11th october 2015

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When autumn comes a calling with her auburn locks all touseled and our grasses are whipping like witches ,the rare shafts of sunlight are magical indeed and to see them refracted through coloured glass like  jewels and rare diamonds is a pleasure indeed . So Paul and I are very pleased to welcome  Louise Durham  to our garden with her dynamic stained glass  driftwood sculptures.

Come and see how  beautiful they look in the garden catching the last rays of the sun shine as it hollers through the grasses as the sun drops at the end of the day. Even during these sunny autumnal peaceful days the light catches the rainbow colours and boundless colours shimmer across the heleniums and asters. Real magical gem stone bling !

Lousie’s work can be seen in our garden right up until our last open day on 14th October 2012. Her website is www.louisevdurham.com.

some how I think we are going to find that illusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow !

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