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img180There is a certain kind of bravado that is utterly charming when the smallest of insects can have a desperado’s feisty attitude and act like he is the highwayman of the garden ! I am talking about the Devil’s coach horse beetle. I think he has been watching far too many Adam and the Ant videos for his own good . Swaggering with as much machismo as his diminutive 25mm of him can manage he tries to be all flintlock and bandito rolled into one.

This beetle is also known as the Cocktail beetle (presumably not because he can mix a rather fine mohito on the rocks but rather because he Cocks his tail when holding up a unsuspecting  red riding hood on the path.

I was surprised to see him in the day as he normally shelters during the day under stones,logs or leaf litter. But here he was, the little outlaw in the pathway making out he was a mini scorpion and a much bigger and badder character. Its wings are short so you don’t really see them.. and all you are conscious of is his platy body and its dangerous looking pincer jaws. These predator  jaws were open and looking menacing…the sort of jaws that would make mincemeat of a juicy worm or woodlice in the shake of a cutlass or a footpads cudgel.

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