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a very short piece , because I have found a wonderful pair of button fly jeans in my loft which actually fit ! this is cause for celebration .After a winter of obviously slothful inactivity (how is that true ?) (but the contours of my bottom speak volumes !)  I repair to the loft to peruse my summer wardrobe and after clothes have been tossed aside in disgust , despair and downright fury I am pleased to discover a treasure trove of jeans.. well ,one pair ,which are a delight to pull on.. until .. oh no the devilsome button fly reveals itself . Now , being of gardening stock I spend most of my time either in gloves or nursing hands tattered and torn and fingers cracked in their corners, so fumbling with a meddlesome persnickety button fly is agony .. made more so if the situation is a desperate one .Whoever invented the zip .. you should be immortalised !

Now on the hunt for another pair which when I lower myself into a bath of bubbles and Radox miraculously mould to fit that ample a*** and like the immortal Nick Kamen (and to strains of I heard it through the grapevine) I arise like a phoenix reborn with my slinky new self all be-jeaned and be-jazzled .. but enough about intimate piercings for now !

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