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p1000797Pathways , bridges and ways of walking to places are particularly significant in Japan.so it seemed only right that I should talk a bit about these .

In the gardens we visited ,the pathways (often out of bounds it has to be said ) tantalisingly led away up hillsides and out of view .But the construction was so beautiful, exact and precise with just the right sized stones and composition fitting together perfectly.


larger stones formed the main path way with all the smaller stones fitting in around it to make the perfect route directing your eye down the slope. And then when you intersperse with plants and water the pathways become that much more beautiful.


there is a sparseness and an equanimity of detail that also appeals to me .


simple stepping stones also take on a rare beauty of their own.


but the mystery of a pathway that leads away into  plants is ever tantalising to me and is maybe what makes our Sussex Prairies so enveloping and welcoming !


and who also doesn’t love a lush planted pathway inviting you into a house ?


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Mrs McBride takes watering into her own hands

Mrs McBride takes watering into her own hands

well well well … if only i had a well and a pussy to put in it !(why would you want to even do that ? sheer cruelty to animals !!)

the well would help the desperate water crisis for one thing (have we even had any rain since march , apart from this morning !and that doesnt count .. half an hour of desultory precipitation at best )but we wouldn’t easily find any water with our 600 metres or is it 600 miles deep  of clay.. far better to start a pottery than search for the illusive water veins running through the sandstone. In fact I might just do that !

We have started to water the big silly garden .. but sadly me and my watering can couldn’t cope with six acres. On a less watery vein ,we were at a most fabulous set of gardens today Uppark House and the legendary Woolbeding… treats indeed… true garden rooms and enclosure.. so refreshingly different from our open and layered plains here…there is a sort of freedom with our style of planting though ,that makes you want to throw off those crinolines and bonnets and run wild…  Today though I could have froliced like a nymph in those oh so wild tumbling waters of a Bannerman artifice ! I have fallen in love with their hazel twig lined rustic nook as well. If Paul had any caring he would be fashioning me a bower of beauty as we speak.. tweaking fircones to his will and thatching a woodland grotto !

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