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005So glad that I met Cathy Hart  exhibiting her work at Chelsea this year because I managed to persuade her to bring her quirky creations down to Sussex to bend their way into our psyche ! Its the wendy bendy time ! The thing about Cathy’s work to me is that it reminded me of my sister Anna’s Etch a Sketch (something I always wanted for myself !) . You know , gardening should not be taken too seriously. There are a lot of people getting very stuffy about gardens, sculpture and what makes for art , good and bad. It is my view that we should open our minds just a bit and embrace it all  ! Make doodles in your mind and love a little and  laugh a lot ! That’s all folks !


Cathy says on her website “Cathy’s  scaled up birds, dogs and butterflies are influenced by 1970s cartoons, fairy-tales, theatre and clowning. These whimsical creations capture the fun and frivolity of play.   We are in a culture where everything created is about more complexity. Cathy’s work goes in the other direction,towards simplicity. It is minimalistic, distinctive, creative, personal, alive, 2D, 3D, primary, moving, living, definitive, unique with a craftedness within its own art.  ‘For adults who have grown up enough to
be children again’ C.S.Lewis”


so you can see why I felt it would be a perfect and fun set of work to exhibit in the freedom of our borders ! The fun thing about the work is that it has a lightness and openness of form.. so much so, that it slots into a planting scheme and you can see it and the plants without interruption, due to its transparency. Dog lovers will also be in their element as the sculptures capture so completely the  character of the breeds. I think we have terriers, greyhounds, cavalier King Charles at the very least.


so if you are looking for the fun and frolicsome look no further ! You can read more about Cathy Hart on her website at www.cathy-hart.com or better still come and see her work in the countryside here on the Prairies during our open season this year.

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