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p1010561Sampling Hot , cold, or sparkling Sake is a Japanese must. So we did indeed do some of that !

Sake  is made from rice and water, which are fermented together then pasteurised to create a wine-like drink.

p1010564Taruzake (cask sake)is matured in wooden casks made of cypress . These casks are often presented to Shinto shrines as offerings and can be beautifully decorative as the images below may well bear out !






I love the immediacy and very graphic content of the designs . Black and that orange red certainly catch the eye visually.

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Anna Ray Artist in Residence 2015-2106 ‘RHS Chelsea Flower Show’ 2016 digital prints, acrylic, wood, paint


If you missed seeing Anna Ray’s extraordinary and  momentous artwork at RHS Chelsea Flower Show you now have another chance to catch it here at Sussex Prairies.The cube has now moved down here to its summer vacation site  and we have been Wowed and hope you will too !

IMG_7263Anna was the Artist in Residence for the Royal Horticultural Society in 2015 and 2016 and during the course of this residency she captured thousands of photographs documenting the people, plants and processes involved in creating the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015.

IMG_6992The images from this vast collection have been assembled into a momentous artwork. The creation of the piece was supported by:The Royal Horticultural Society,Epson,K2 Associates Ltd, and Chep.


Anna Ray studied BA (Hons) and MFA Tapestry at Edinburgh College of Art between1994 and 1999. She became a Lecturer in the department soon after graduation and taughtfor six years before relocating to London in 2006. She was artist in residence atWinterbourne Botanic Garden, University of Birmingham in 2004 and at FrancesBardsley School, Romford, 2006-2007.

From 2015-2016 Ray was artist in residence at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Through her teaching, she has raised awareness of newtechnologies and contemporary art and design practice with a diverse range of audiences through discussion and making. She has run workshops for major galleries, notably, TheNational Galleries of Scotland and the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh. She has led workshops for ‘The British Art Show’, ‘The Big Draw’ and devised ambitious community outreach projects, receiving an Innovative Arts Education Award in 2001.

IMG_7265Ray has been granted major awards for her work; Scottish Arts Council Crafts CreativeDevelopment Award (2004), Scottish Arts Council Assistance Grant to an Individual Artist (2003), The Hope Scott Trust Award (2001), Edinburgh Visual Arts and CraftsAward (2006). Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally over the last twenty years in both applied art and fine art contexts. Recent exhibitions include ‘Collect’ Saatchi Gallery (2012) and the touring exhibition ‘Craft Generation’ St. Andrews Museum(2014-2015). She has been commissioned to make work for public collections: Paintings in Hospitals and Marie Curie Cancer Care. In 2014 the international law firm Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co acquired and commissioned a series of major works for their new premises in Birmingham.

Read more about Anna Ray on her website   www.annaray.co.uk and Facebook page Anna Ray Art

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Gone with the Wind : kinetic sculpture: moving air encountering the visible world

Living with the wind as Andrew does, he has found his perfect place on our prairies. Andrew has brought four of his amazing mobiles to our garden for the season this year and they are awesomely fascinating and mesmerising. For us, wind in the garden is a perfect partner : whimsical and mercurial when we are burning the garden down  in February and subtle ,smooth and calming through the grasses and perennials in the summer and autumn, and rough,drying  and dramatic  in the winter.

So what is Andrew’s background ?  Andrew studied art and design in the early 1970s . During the course of this, a sculpture project on wind led to the invention of a new power kite design. This in turn led to 40 years of work in the design and manufacture of kites for a burgeoning extreme sport.


remember the Peter Powell stunt kite and flexifoils ? I challenge anyone to deny how much fun they had in their childhood flying kites like these ! (just going to get out my flexifoils out now and stroke them lovingly).

But there are No strings attached Now !

And further in Andrews’ own words : ” Exploring how the wind interacts with a solid world , gusting or eddying around the objects it encounters, is endlessly fascinating. but more than this is the wind as metaphor for so much of the flux of our lives and for the coming and going of knowledge and understanding of the unseen”


What does he use ? Light alloys , fine stainless steel bearings and accurate balancing to ensure that the elements of each work can move in a very light wind. Some work uses small magnets to bring the linear elements back into order when the air is still. Because the constructions are mainly slim they will withstand quite strong wind 9like bare branches in winter). they are designed to respond to breezes in semi sheltered areas too where strong airflow is stirred and slowed by the surroundings.


Come and watch Andrew’s world here in the garden !

see videos of Andrew’s work on his website www.rhobile.com

He can be contacted by email on Andrew@rhobile.com

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