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Bra- Drona at Cardrona, New Zealand

Bra- Drona at Cardrona, New Zealand

on a day when we have had sun,hail,snow and sun ….Vest is not a sexy word nor can its name be spake in this garden !

A lacey slip of a thing it could be considered a wonder garment of warmth and subtlety but the fact is we are looking for something a little more robust . We are searching for a solution to the age old problem of the gap of winter colly wobbles created when you bend and stretch and today we need something of strength and purpose to breach the gap between trouser top and achingly exposed back acreage.What will it be ? The Damart dance of destiny ? a sneaky peak through the small ads of shame and nicker pink thermolactyls ? what  to do as the prairie winds blow coolly this springtide?


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