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Silver grey bowl detail

Joining us as one of our artists whose work we shall be selling through our gift shop is the very talented Rosemary Myles- mosaic maker.

In Rosemary’s Own Words –
“After many years being office-bound, in 2014 I finally found myself with the time to indulge in some hobbies, and spend more time outside walking in the beautiful Sussex countryside, and gardening, and to explore mosaic, which I had very briefly tried the year before at a couple of excellent workshops with local mosaic artists. I have never considered myself to be particularly artistic (and actually still don’t!), but I do get great pleasure from designing and creating mosaics, from the early stage of tracking down the materials and base items, exploring colour combinations and the satisfaction of the final stage of grouting, Generally my inspiration comes from a love of nature, and sometimes it is just a simple mix of colours that get me started on a design.
Grouting1After discovering the ‘pique assiette” style of mosaic, using broken china pieces to form a mosaic, I now I enjoy mixing things up a little by using vintage china within traditional ceramic or glass tiles on items such as flower pots. jugs and trays. I use the more intricate cut tile work for plaques and bowls.

Outside Studio28

I am now selling my work at occasional art or craft fairs, and am delighted to have mosaics for sale at Handmade at Cranleigh, and at the beautiful Sussex Prairies Garden.
I am a member of the Horsham Artists Open Studios Group”

Rosemary Myles/Studio28 Mosaics : Unique mosaics designed and crafted by Rosemary. http://www.studio28mosaics.com

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Su Peta Cloud Fircone

A truly gifted ceramacist , Su Peta Cloud is currently exhibiting in our garden a range of her quite wonderful ceramic pieces that are totally sympathetic to our naturalistic style of planting. From the sculptural curves of the seedheads to the voluptuous pots and pods you will be swept away by these finely crafted ceramics.

Su Peta says : “Nature is my overriding creative inspiration. Living by the sea and surrounded by the countryside, I am enthused by the changing seasons which influences my work. Using different clays, exploring firing techniques, glazes and surface decoration.”

Background :

After finishing my formal art training in textiles, Su Peta  lectured at various Adult Education Centres in Hampshire and West Sussex on stencilling and decorative paint effects. she is now a tutor working for West Sussex County Council’s Enrichment Programme.

For the last ten years she has been a community artist, working with Chichester Festival Theatre on their community carnivals, Chichester Festivities lantern parades and working in various setting such as Children and Family centres, Hospices, Youth and Community centres and schools running workshops. She aspires to bring celebratory art to the local community by organising and producing such events, eg she set up Community Arts Bognor Regis in January 2010. The long term vision is to have a central venue to be able to exhibit, run workshops, showcase the talents of our community as a social enterprise.

Su Peta can be contacted through her website at www.sucloudceramics.com and by email at spcloud@btinternet.com.

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Our constantly changing garden gallery will see the arrival of this amazing ceramic sculptor ready for our opening season this year.

Ken Jaquiery in his own words :

“Nature is the great creator of beauty. Every trip out of the house is another opportunity to discover nature’s creations.

Sculptor Sarah Smith (who will also be exhibiting in our garden this season !!)  introduced me to clay as a medium for sculpting when I attended her Introduction to Sculpture course at the Field Studies Council’s Malham Tarn Field Centre. It is a medium that is pliable, can be carved, shaped by hand or tools and added to. I have found a medium that I can use to create art work of any size or shape I wish. In saying that, using clay doesn’t mean you can make anything with ease. Each piece of work that I have made, I have had to learn how to use the clay to get the result I wanted. Learning to use clay for sculpting will be an ongoing process.

I have also been inspired by the work of Monica Young.

Monica was a little lady who made big sculptural pots. Her style was similar to the lines and shapes I had been incorporating into the jewellery and bone carving I had made in the past. The scale of her work appealed to me too. Monica had built her pots by using the coiling method.  Coiling is a versatile and strong way of building pots, by controlling the drying of the clay, pots can be built to any size or shape. I have concentrated on learning how to coil clay pots, in the hope of being able to make work to the same scale as Monica.

I’m often asked where I get my ideas from. Nature and the world around me are my inspiration. When I come across something I like the camera enables me to bring an idea home and adapt it to my sculptures. Then from one idea I find there is no limit to the variations that grow from the first sculpture. I enjoy the challenge of making a sculpture and I get a great deal of pleasure from other people enjoying the result of my work. Just as body adornment can enhance a person’s natural beauty, sculpture can enhance the beauty of our homes. I aspire to create beautiful sculptures that can enable people to improve the aesthetics and ambience in their homes.”

More of Ken’s work can be seen on his website at www.kenjaq.com

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