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DSC01387Holidays are meant to revive , revitalise and rejuvenate .. but I come back and I’m tired , so very tired… tired of hearing dogs bark night by night .. their terrible cries serenading another night of wakefulness and disruption.

Those dogs that you see meandering about during the day, desultory , and napping on the road become fearful baying hounds of horror at night… packs proliferate and create storms of protest , yelping,war cries of canine careering.

And of course in a tent (we are in Nilgiri, a tented camp,Assam ) they sound so much nearer, so much more feral and fearful, especially ,when after another night of teeth and claw ,we wake to find the actual ringleader happily ensconced in our tent itself giving it it’s all with a surprising range between terrier tenor and airedale alto.

It’s a dog’s life this travelling lark….bark ….

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There is only beauty behind me ,only beauty is before me ! Cree song


This weekend we welcome back Spirit of the West to camp in the garden bringing with them their tipis, tomahawks, beadwork and buffalo skins .Fitting perfectly in our prairie garden the camp provides you with the perfect opportunity to come and learn more about the native American way of life .


Spirit of the West can be seen in the garden Saturday 14th September and Sunday 15th September from 1pm until 5pm.

spiritofthewestimage2 (2)

and if you want to go wild with Paul and Pauline why not join us for our garden perambulations – or rather our Walk on the Wildside  at 10am on Sunday 15th September ! Bear all and be brave !


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