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P1090500David Price is a very welcome return exhibitor to the garden with his amazing sculptures .You will come across them all at unexpected places around the garden and set against our mass plantings  they have an other worldly serenity and calm .

IMG_2457Here is David in his own words-

“I was trained as an illustrator, but now I prefer working in clay. I like it’s tactile, earthy nature. I like using the elements of earth, water, fire and air. And I enjoy the process of moulding clay, finding it a grounding and therapeutic experience.


IMG_0951I feel that I can relate to people more through my work if it is figurative. My work is about being seen, putting myself on show.


P1090602I am striving towards truth and honesty. I am not trying to create an idealised image. Each piece is individual. Each one is saying ‘This is it. This is who I am, with all the cracks, blemishes and wear and tear of life’.

I like work that shows the ghosts and traces of what made the object. At the same time the work attempts to show the ghosts, traces and scars of what creates the individual person.


IMG_0934The work translates into art in the way that life events register in the body. The figures may be seen as damaged but they keep on going. They may or may not be limited by the lack of arms, say, so they spread their wings. Through trauma or tragedy you learn something else… perhaps how to fly.


P1090598The figures without arms are complete as they are. The figures that start to develop wings are finding ways of being that paradoxically come from a lack. The wings are a metaphor for the spiritual element of the self.”

You can see more of David Price’s work on his website  www.davidpriceart .com

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Rigourous Tummy control is a must!

Faced with the trim and toned youthful silhouettes of the young I am conscious that one must seek out bathing wear of a particularly structured and masterful nature.Pert buttocks and dewey doe eyed amazons parade their supple loveliness wherever you look.One is faced with a veritable mountain range of buttocks ,diced and sliced with a multitude of strings and slithers of  taunting fabric triangles .And that is just the females .On the male front imagine a stable of fulsome muscle eased provocatively into a pouting pouch of Lycra ..where have all the Villebrequin swimming shorts gone.?

Sculpture and Scaffold

Thus one is faced with the question of how to walk the leisure line of beach sophistication and get the body out gracefully. Some mystery fabric with the qualities of discipline and control has masterfully come to my rescue in the swimming costume line.At first I wondered what an earth it could be and having wrestled womanfully with its microfibres I know now what it is all about: a costume which can pretty much hold you all together in some semblance of order once you are stripped down to the essentials for baring the body unbeautiful body for beachside action. A lifetime of wanton indulgence ,hedonistic excess and  a great deal of fine dining means you pay the price in terms of svelte silhouette. So tell me a tale of tummy control : strap me down and out with your teflon tendrils and contorted creepers and make this Jane a Tarzan.

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