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Another local design business we are very honoured to be showcasing in the gardens this year are the very talented Moore Designs .

Who : Moore Designs is a successful collaboration between husband and wife team Kim and   Alex Moore. An award-winning blacksmith and designer, Alex Moore has created original  metalwork for over 12 years, and has supplied pieces for numerous medal-winning  Chelsea show gardens, public buildings and private residences throughout the UK.

Kim Moore is a professional marketer and advertising copywriter with 15 years of   experience building high street brands. Between them they have created an exciting  range of contemporary outdoor furniture and new form garden obelisks designed to be both sculptural and functional.

Metal Garden Obelisks

We have a selection of their architectural  garden obelisks showing in our Cutting garden which mirror the natural form of plants by flaring at the top, supporting them as they fill out and giving them the room needed to display at their best.

Made from a combination of 6mm and 8mm round solid bar, the metal obelisks are strong and sturdy and will support even the heaviest of plants including clematis, honeysuckle and roses. At the moment they are easily supporting our hopeless sweetpeas who are not making an ounce of effort to grow !In the meantime I love their  sculptural form .

 Garden Arch Designs

Graceful and sturdy, their simple garden arch designs are handmade by them in extra thick steel. Their unfussy styles complement any style of garden and are strong enough to support even the largest climbing plant. Both designs are beautiful as well as functional, allowing you to enjoy their sweeping shapes even during the winter months. We have two,  making swoonful arches over the bridge into the house garden and at the entrance into the cutting garden.

Garden Spheres & Sculpture

You can punctuate your lawns or hard landscaped areas with their decorative garden spheres.  I tweeted or facebooked about great balls of steel the other day I think. Their balls can be made  from either rusted mild steel or polished stainless steel and they could seriously  add interest   wherever they’re used. For impact in your garden, choose one of their spectacular giant spheres. Available   up to 2.5m in diameter their aged rust finish changes with the weather and seasons. And as you know big is always beautiful !

Read a lot more about Moore Designs at www.mooredesigns.co.uk

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