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p1000797Pathways , bridges and ways of walking to places are particularly significant in Japan.so it seemed only right that I should talk a bit about these .

In the gardens we visited ,the pathways (often out of bounds it has to be said ) tantalisingly led away up hillsides and out of view .But the construction was so beautiful, exact and precise with just the right sized stones and composition fitting together perfectly.


larger stones formed the main path way with all the smaller stones fitting in around it to make the perfect route directing your eye down the slope. And then when you intersperse with plants and water the pathways become that much more beautiful.


there is a sparseness and an equanimity of detail that also appeals to me .


simple stepping stones also take on a rare beauty of their own.


but the mystery of a pathway that leads away into  plants is ever tantalising to me and is maybe what makes our Sussex Prairies so enveloping and welcoming !


and who also doesn’t love a lush planted pathway inviting you into a house ?


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Cutty Sark..Ship ahoy in the bedroom

have you ever felt like you have spent  a night on the high seas ?…..so  what about beds ?.. many nights , and not particularly Arabian were spent with Paul in a double bed in Cornwall …it was a Queen size I imagine , as Paul seemed incredibly and hotly close ! .. the bed was one of those .. you know the sort.. where you roll into the middle  of a box of sardines and it’s  like climbing Everest getting out of the wallowing hollow….being on the crest of a wave  one minute and all sheets ,ropes and tackle the next… and we wake on an unknown shore …and during the night watch .. five bells ?! ….groping around trying to find the door /hatch doesn’t help as you feel like a marooned sailor… Robinson Crusoe it is not…


Twixt Twin and never the twain shall meet  

Twin beds of course are another matter altogether… you are marooned on your desert island disc of a bed , becalmed in a lagoon of loneliness and single shipwreck. There are advantages of course to this solitary state.. the unadulterated luxury of a duvet that is yours and yours alone.. to deal with as you fancy.. the flexibility to enjoy the bounteous quiltliness or throw off its oppressive dominion… but there is an ever more present danger .. the inability to influence anyone of a snoringful persuasion from afar… no means or wherewithall to subtley nudge or knee the snoring heap beside you .. no ! instead you must endure the siren call of the snorer and like Ulysses. avert your ears and long for the lap of a distant shore and the ever present  seashell roar.


And a bit about goats….

because goats can sleep just about anywhere , any how ,usually on a dung heap but mostly in doorways as these next two pictures illustrate. Their bony little legs all folded and any which way.. dusty and scarecrow like they are fascinatingly unconcerned about their beds and where they will sleep. So a lesson learnt from our friends the goats !

indiangoat2note the casually extended leg  and distinct lack of concern about being next to an open sewer !


note the same leg extension and strategic positioning in doorway…

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a very small observation…on the keypads used in supermarkets,post offices and likeminded emporia. Firstly you slip in your debit and credit card into the reader  and the magic starts there. There is a beguiling array of numbers in front of you. Firstly the frisson of danger as the minutest of flickers of self doubt whizz through your brain .. will I remember my secret code ? then the self satisfying smugness returns .. yes of course I do.. and you happily tap in your four digit code into the box.. now notice how some of those keys are very worn ? so much so and always the same ones .. this is spooky because it surely cannot mean everyone has the same numbers ? or does it .. has there been a mega mind meld throughout society and everyone has mysteriously taken the same numbers ? hard to fathom out and how can it be proven?

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