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DSC06215when we look for that freedom of planting  and subtle touch of colour and texture we really need look no further than some of the planting schemes devised by nature herself .

DSC06206On the beach on the fringes of Napier, New Zealand , we saw some of the most wonderful combinations and hues artlessly put together without any hand of man involved. It is for this artless and effortless beauty that we all strive.

DSC06214Some of the flowers would open but fleetingly during the day in the sunshine giving a totally different scene if you happened upon them later in the day.DSC06209

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DSC07730The Queen of Queenstown

there is a burger bar in town that seems to be beating all boundaries of culinary fare. I refer to the legendary Fergburger bar in Queenstown, New Zealand . A seemingly insignificantly tiny space on one of the main thoroughfares which attracts a wild horde of ravenous diners for the legendary burgers it serves from hour to hour . Legend has it the space only closes for 3 hours cleaning  before it is up and serving again from dawn to veritable dusk.

DSC07733Cue the Queue

Due to its extreme popularity ,it goes without saying that this is a place at which you have to queue to be served . Queue busters regularly patrol telling you how long you are likely to wait . Our time was a mere 15 minutes until being able to place our order with a follow on 15 minutes to receiving said order.

DSC07734What is the Fergburger  Love all about ?

it is a simple formula of course – all you need to do is make a high quality , delicious, and  outsize burger – slightly spicy -served in a homemade bun with all the salad and sauce you can handle. Make some tasty Fries to match and you have  a winning formula fuelled with a cult status to boot.


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