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a doorway to India opens again

you know you are in Delhi when you land… the smell creeps in like a ragged spy and assails your nostrils like a beggar with attitude (and we saw plenty of them)..the aircon  in the car must surely be giving me legionnaires disease , it has that fustiness of old water and old dust combined…but strangely the old India is being supremely kicked into the twenty first century ! still plenty of dust and rubbish I grant you .. but on the outskirts of the heaving groaning Delhi ,acres of shiny new things, new buildings, a new sense of capitalism gone mad ! all linked togther by the scariest road ways you can imagine…. its not just the erratic and seemingly meaningless road “rules” , cars come at all angles with menace and crazed intent, leftside, rightside , oblique criss cross mayhem and woven through it all an unassailable fatalism. No one puts their lights on at night.. .. why would you ?…lorries hurtle along with their accoutrements (scarves , black woolly pompoms,glitter,geegaws) like gypsies shrouded in darkness til they are almost upon you with invisible menace … why no lights ? could it be they are parsimoniously guarding that last rupee to the enth degree or the ghosts are gathering… swathed in smoggy tendrils of mist and gloom we travel through the night and through the plastic unfantastic.

up close and personal with a lorry

But amongst the chaos is some sort of calm, in places , and the Lodi gardens provide a measure of peace.Interestingly they have some ambitious plantings of single coloured dahlias . Flowers which are loaded with bees and are immensely jolly and colourful. Big pollination rules ! The bees are enormous but perfectly intent on their work.Easing along from single flower to single flower with dedicated concentration.sucking out the last pretty piece of nectar before travelling on to the next.It works .. you can see how busy the insects are on this single group where other flowers remain dead and unloved.

bees,dahlas and honey production

And kumquat marmelade is absolutely lovely ! imagine a marmelade made of rich tangarine and you get an idea of the taste.  At the infamous Tikkli Bottom bed and breakfast destination , Annie must be the Kumquat marmelade queen. If you have never been there  : go ! Tikkli Bottom is a haven of peace and utter englishness set within a glorious Lutchenesque house and a voluptuous garden. Martin knows his plants and trees without a doubt ,and we were there to pick his brains and tease knowledge from him like the wiley jackals and leopards surrounding his property. take a slice of England , spread it on toast and serve shaken not stirred ! delightful !

Martin's bees at Tikkli

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