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extremely cold and incredibly short.. February is a short and sweet little month …we are into February before we even know it ..but this month is our time to play as we spent a couple of days in London for a cultural blast… firstly the Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy… now if you do nothing more, do go and see it and be buoyed up by the extraordinary immersion into nature.. California comes to Yorkshire with a vengeance .

can you imagine such vivid pinks and oranges blazing through an english countryside… it is an exhilerating collection of paintings and we long for spring again as we come through the rooms and are assaulted by the vividness and enormity of the canvasses. If you get a chance to go , do spend time watching the amazing video films which are just stunning and totally fill you with emotion.

Not content with that we also took in the Grayson Perry exhibition at The British Museum: The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman . Juxtaposing his own work against some of the most quirky and significant exhibits in the museum Grayson Perry has concocted a rollercoaster of a collection of seemingly random pieces which on reflection so totally answer a lot of our most basic questions. A must see !

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