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Our week of Fringe events (31st may until 8th June 2014), unusually papery happenings and fantasy would not be complete without the very best artists,sculptors and generally wonderful people helping us, so we shall look in detail at the stars of our own particular show ! so first up is –

Sabine Dahn sabinedahnceramichicken

who will be joining us this year to offer a series of two very different workshops. The first workshop occurs during our Fringe week (1st and 8th June )- Prairie Hens in Paper Kilns is a two day workshop straddling two weekends. First make your ceramic hen and then fire it in a paper kiln a week later !Read more about what that course involves on our website and see what type of chicken  would light your fire !



The second workshop ,later on in the year (2nd August 2014) , is also about light and fire and will teach you how to make a porcelain light inspired by the garden. Please contact Sabine to book your place on these courses.


More about Sabine

The starting points for the functional side of Sabine’s work are oil lamps and the ritual use of fire and light. Light is symbolically used as a guide on the path of life as well as representing the omnipresence of the Divine.

Form and content of her work is inspired by a variety of different sources within the fields of mythology, ancient cultures and spiritual philosophies. The aim is to create an atmosphere of light that invites a peaceful reflective mind.


Sabine has expressed her love for ceramics by exploring its manifold techniques and characteristics with children, young people and adult learners for many years. Her aim is to generate in her students a sense of curiosity, exploration and joy and to support each individual in finding their own creative expression in clay.


Inspiration and Learning

Inspiration and learning  in working with people always happens in both directions and a group project a while ago led to the development of the fun ‘character hens’. These can be bought as they are, or can be commissioned for a special person with their own ‘peculiarities’ in mind! Or come and make your own at the ‘Prairie Hens in Paper Kilns’ event!Beginners  and more experienced potters are equally welcome

For more Information on the pottery events here at Sussex Prairies you can contact Sabine directly on sabine.dahn@talktalk.net   .


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chicken worksquad at the ready

chicken worksquad at the ready

I am going to harness those idle chickens into some sort of leather contraption and use them as weeding machines to be wheeled along (cant they walk ? yes ! remember this is invention at the cutting edge !) following anyone doing hoeing or weeding and they can eat the weeds as you go thereby avoiding picking up and disposing of the weeds. Although we have no problem with weed disposal as the pigs will happily eat tons of weeds on a daily basis.On second thoughts maybe the pig weeding machine would be better if a little bit of a heavyweight and blundering blundebuss of a thing amongst delicate plants . I do think these animals could work a bit for their keep !

chicken worksquad at the ready

chicken worksquad at the ready

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things get broken ,chickens have a heart attack and the window cleaner cannot believe his eyes as one of the glamorous super model pigs sashied by ,and like a masked raider ,made tracks for the chicken run to get stuck into their food. Several smashed eggs later, an unholy rabble in the buff orpingtons ,and a broken chicken feeder/water bucket/gate, we manage to wrestle Miss Porker 2011 back into her woodland home and back to her compadres who had sensibly stayed put . No help from window cleaner either but luckily he didn’t get thrown off his ladder as the cavalcade went by. Animals are stress factor number one at the moment with lambing on the prairies.The agony and the extascy of lambs as they teeter on the edge between survival and oblivion all in a puff of wool !

the villain !

the villain !

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buff orpington innocent or guilty ?

the chickens got out yesterday while I was blissfully unaware ,and have wreaked havoc in the house garden. They are not cuddly feathery country icons ,they are evil pranksters and psychopaths. I haven’t told Paul yet what has happened to the newly planted dwarf day lilies, but lets say it is not pretty.Their vicious claws and asbo mentality is really quite at odds with our bucolic heaven here. In fact I was in two minds last night whether I should shut them in last night ,and just leave them to the machinations of our resident fox, except the fox would probably come off worse if it even dared to mess with those gangsters. So what do we have here .. ok beautiful tasty eggs every day , grudgingly given after stuffing themselves with their organic food and anything else they can scavenge from our garden. But there is no affection is there? Its all take take take !

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