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snakily different

What does it mean if a snake crosses your path…is  it lucky ? I count myself lucky that I didn’t actually stand on it so olive green and camouflaged as it was ! and lucky for the snake of course peacefully minding its own business over near the pigs(in fact what was it doing over there ?) that it wasn’t crushed to a pulp by a mighty human foot. I think it was a grass snake BUT  it certainly does not seem to match the photofit  in the countryside book.(see above )It was a stunning olive colour like a piece of matt leather . A beautiful thing indeed and so subtle and smoothly intriguing as it moved, well  rather slithered off onto the woodpile with utterly sinuous perfection . I am sure we will meet again this year as the woodpile will be used for the log fires to come and where will the snake go then..?. well into another wood pile I guess. If there is one thing we are not short of its woodpiles ! So that is three snakes Paul and I have seen in a very short space of time  and that doesn’t count the wonderful sloughed off snakeskin with which Paul would regale horrified visitors from time to time . I think our garden must be so on trend, as snakeskin really seems to be the in fashion print of the moment.
My jangled nerves were to be calmed somewhat by an impromptu hoof massage from the lamb appropriately named Chocolate(so named because of rich milk chocolate coloured fleece) I could be charging a fortune for her spiky little hoof massage which gets you in all the wrong places (people do pay for this sort of horrendous treatment ), plus hair chewing for that tousled ruffled and windswept look. These sheep could be running a top class beauty and pampering salon if only they put their minds to it .

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